Reflecting Skills and Methods

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Course Description:

Debriefing skills can seem elusive to many practitioners, and for a variety of reasons. Perhaps we donÕt allow enough time for a thorough period of reflection, or we arenÕt inspired by the right reflection question or tool. By shifting some common perceptions about debriefing - that itÕs only done at the end of activities, for example, or that it requires a set of skills separate from facilitation skills - experiential educators can easily become more effective in supporting participants transfer of learning from one activity to the next. This workshop frames the practice of debriefing according to three categories-topics, methods and skills. While some exposure to the fundamentals of adventure programming may be helpful, this workshop is designed to advance the skills of any participant, regardless of previous experience.

This workshop will include:

  • How to select debriefing topics, and when in the activity they can be introduced.
  • Commonly used adventure activities that can be used for debriefing.
  • The pros and cons of using props as reflection tools.

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