Global Games: An Adventure Approach to Diversity and Social Change

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This NEW one-day workshop will highlight Diversity and Social/Emotional Life Skills through the exploration of more than 40 global games and activities as an introduction to various countries, cultures, and communities. These activities have been sourced from a variety of countries including Pakistan, China, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Russia, and Afghanistan.

Some of the Diversity Life Skills themes targeted may include:

  • Focusing on what you have in common with others of different backgrounds
  • Challenging your own beliefs and assumptions
  • Learn from each other’s differences
  • Making a novel experience enjoyable

A few of the Social Change topics explored will be:

  • Social Class and groupings
  • Ethnicity and culture
  • Positive outcomes of conflict
  • One person can make a difference

You will also receive a copy of the book “Global Games For Diversity Education.” This book is an 18 lesson curriculum that is aligned with National Teaching Standards. This curriculum offers step by step instructions for all games and activities presented in this workshop.  Individual unit assessments are included. Other resources shared will include a video, movie, and a music list. This approach can be applied in any adventure program or educational setting. 

  • $169.00 Includes registration and bagged/boxed lunch. 


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