Gathering Again: Adventure Activities with Physical Distance

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Course Description:

Adventure learning can accelerate connections made within a group, and is a fun and often novel environment for many people. The tools we have used at High 5 to support individuals and groups in connecting are core to our identity, as they are for many facilitators.  Convening activities, reflection conversation, group initiatives and other facilitated endeavors will need to look different in the immediate future in response to the need for physical distancing.  What core values and attributes of adventure learning will be most relevant in this context?  What new frontiers will need to be explored?  Which classic activities do we modify, and which ones do we pause?  What needs to be created that doesn’t quite exist yet?  Join us as we explore these questions and discover what connections through adventure activities can look like.  This 1-day workshop will begin at 9:00 am, with a break for lunch (please bring your own lunch as lunch will not be provided) and will end at 4:00 pm.  

This workshop will provide participants with the following experiences:

  • Experience ground based adventure activities that honor physical distance requirements of 6 feet between people
  • Explore how physical distance and other protocols (face coverings, for example) impact facilitation and participation, allowing participants to be better prepared to lead their own activities
  • Have the opportunity to try out their own activities with a group that is willing to play and provide feedback 


While there is no previous experience required for this workshop, folks who are ready to engage in activities and modifications are welcome!  An understanding of some concepts in facilitation and adventure learning may be helpful, as this workshop will not have any specific instructional components on facilitation skills, experiential learning theory and so forth.

Participants will be asked to...

  • Commit to following physical distancing guidelines
  • Fill out a medical screening form prior to workshop
  • Provide their own lunch, face covering, and hand sanitizer
  • Bring their own water bottle and/or drinks

Participants will have the opportunity to take notes and photos of activities during the workshop.  Because we are exploring and co-creating, there will be no manual provided.  A free deck of Ubuntu Cards will be provided to each participant.