Advanced Technical Skills: Level 2 Review

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Advanced Technical Skills: Level 2 Review
Advanced Technical Skills: Level 2 Review

Course Description:

This session gives the skilled challenge course practitioner the opportunity to review and add to their foundation of technical skills. Emphasis is on practicing and improving technical skills while developing what we call a “quiet competence” as an adventure practitioner. 

At the beginning of the first day participant’s specific needs will be assessed and then factored into the daily agenda. The content of this workshop builds upon the content from Beyond Basics Level 2 workshop and also provides a framework for you to review and prepare for the Level 2 Challenge Course Certification testing. (Testing is optional and requires separate registration).

Participants may review and practice:

  • Basic and advanced knot-tying skills.
  • Basic course inspection and maintenance.
  • Basic and advanced rescue procedures.
  • Facilitator self-belay techniques for challenge course access, set­up, descent options, and gear retrieval.
  • Specialty element operation review such as Flying Squirrel, Pamper Pole/Plank, Zip Wire, Rappel, Giant Swing as needed.
  • Development of a critical eye for all aspects of your program via problem-solving scenarios based upon real challenge course incidences
  • $379.00 Includes registration, and lunch during the workshop

Plymouth State University Graduate Credit Available: 2 (EE5130)


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