Ubuntu Cards

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Ubuntu Cards
Ubuntu Cards
Ubuntu Cards

High 5's Ubuntu Cards(c) are a multi-functional deck of cards that encourage a group to interact, find connections, and have fun. There are 54 cards in each deck.  The cards offer limitless reflection opportunities through metaphor, but we have also discovered that they also offer just as many opportunities for group interaction and creative play.

The directions include instructions for 13 different games and initiatives, but we are constantly discovering new ways to use them and you will too! You can create your own interactive experiences and after your group has played with them they too will come up with variations - which is another powerful team-building initiative. You'll want to bring these cards everywhere you go!

The word Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term and philosophy. (Nguni is a subset of the larger family of Bantu languages and peoples in the southern portion of Africa.) The term means “humanity” and is frequently translated to “I am because we are.” Ubuntu highlights our interconnectedness as a community.

Watch the video below to learn some inventive ways you can use Ubuntu Cards while social distancing.

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