Maximize Your Effectiveness as an Adventure Practitioner

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Course Description:

Ready to take your adventure facilitation skills to the next level? This two-day facilitation skills workshop will focus upon participation in peer-led and trainer-led/supervised adventure activities involving games, initiatives, and low course elements.

Participants will have an opportunity to work with one another to enhance their facilitation skills and style as they give and receive feedback from one another and the trainer. This highly interactive model provides a unique setting for participants to examine their facilitation style and effectiveness in a highly supportive and engaging environment.

This workshop will include:

  • Examining your personal style of facilitation
  • Increasing your repertoire of facilitation techniques
  • Setting professional goals for the development of your facilitation skills
  • Participating in a goal-focused teaching environment
  • Giving and receiving feedback from your peers and the trainer

Prerequisite: Adventure Basics: Level 1 Training or equivalent training.

Plymouth State University Graduate Credit Available: 2 or 4 (EE5150)

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