Rebuilding After COVID Professional Development

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Rebuilding After COVID: Professional Development Program

Learn trauma-informed SEL activities you can easily add to your classroom or program to support mental & physical health

Enjoyable experiences can help students re-engage with learning now

High 5 Adventure Learning Center, the internationally recognized educational nonprofit, is helping educators and youth leaders manage the impact of the pandemic with Rebuilding After COVID, an online, self-guided social-emotional learning (SEL) training with tools and skills to help students re-engage in learning and support their mental and physical health.

Learn how to recognize and address COVID-related stresses with a proven activity-based program, including options for social distancing, hybrid, or remote settings. Educators and program leaders can support upper elementary, middle school, and high students with activities that fit easily into curriculum, advising, or community-building time:

Teachers using Rebuilding After COVID say it helps students

  • Be more attentive, engaged, and creative
  • Have open, honest conversations about difficult emotions
  • Support their classmates
  • Demonstrate leadership

Rebuilding After COVID is informed by studies of how we recover from trauma and draws on the High 5 team’s 35 years of research-based practice in experiential social-emotional learning, a method that uses play as the pathway for building relationships, increasing emotional awareness, and teaching creative problem solving. Rebuilding After COVID is aligned with the Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework and complements other SEL curricula.

Preview a Sample Lesson for Free: Click Here for "Switch Seats," part of the Rebuilding Community content.

Rebuilding After COVID helps with:

Rebuilding Community: Restore school climate and rebuild community.

Rebuilding Emotional Wellbeing: Recognize and manage the emotions that are likely to arise now and throughout the transition to the COVID recovery period.

Rebuilding Physicality: Use activities to create kinesthetic outlets for overcoming the effects of social distancing, screen learning, and internalized experiences of trauma.

Your two-year subscription to Rebuilding After COVID includes more than 30 activities, each with a downloadable description and demonstration video. A Resource Library includes templates for family communication, resources for impact evaluation studies, and activities to add to professional team meetings and in-service days.

We know how much educators are coping with right now.

High 5 created Rebuilding After COVID to give you flexible, easy-to-learn research-informed support. In just 10 minutes, you can get effective tools to rebuild connections in your classroom or program.

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Easy Online, Self-Guided Learning

In less than 10 minutes you can find an activity or prompt, learn how to lead it, and bring it to your students:
    • Professional development course delivered in easily searchable, state-of-the-art online learning site.
    • More than 30 SEL developmental games, discussions, and lessons — each with easy-to-follow demonstration videos and instructions.
    • Downloadable templates for program evaluation, communicating with families, and more.
    • Resources for team meetings and in-service days.
    • Live online training events with the High 5 team.
    • Access to a community of educators all working together to re-engage students.
    • Meets the requirements for the federal American Rescue Plan Act and ESSER state funding programs.

   Your purchase of this professional development program helps support High 5’s mission as a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to building stronger communities.


    Rebuilding After COVID - Introduction From Jim Grout, Executive Director from High 5 Adventure Learning on Vimeo.

    What Educators are Saying

    “High 5’s ‘Rebuilding After COVID’ is a pioneering accomplishment, providing a platform for those who teach and lead our youth to not only practice and increase social and emotional skills, but to use them to build relational trust and collective intelligence at school-wide and organizational levels.”

    Robert (Chip) Wood
    Co-Founder, Responsive Classroom
    Co-Creator, Soul of Leadership

    Author, Yardsticks: Child Development 4-14

    “While my students were highly engaged and having fun, I was learning things about them that I hadn’t known before. Knowing those things allows me to be a better teacher to them.”

    — Middle school teacher, Arizona